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  Modern Acupunctureacupuncture.

 Instant and long-lasting  relief of acute and chronic pains 

Initiate self-healing, boost energy, facilitate IVF, suppress anxiety…  


What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a system of healing that uses very fines needles to stimulate the body’s own natural pain relief and healing responses. “Acupoints” are special places on the body where needles are inserted to provide targeted healing responses. For example, to provide pain relief from back pain, fine needles are inserted into “Acupoints” in and around the back in a specific pattern.

Using Acupoints in different locations and in different combinations, we can provide a tailored, personalised therapy designed specifically for your ailment.

The system of acupuncture was first developed thousands of years ago in China and it is the world’s oldest medical system in use today. The continued practice of acupuncture over such a long time is an indication of how very effective it can be.

In recent years, large scale medical trials have scientifically proven that acupuncture is an effective and safe system for pain relief. The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) is the organisation that writes official guidelines for medical treatment in the UK, and NICE recommends acupuncture as a suitable pain relief therapy for back pain and arthritis.

Why acupuncture is the best in pain relief?

Most commonly used pain-killer tablets only work for a few hours and have many side effects. Over time tolerance to the active pain relief chemicals can build up, which means people may need increasingly higher doses to gain the same amount of pain relief. Acupuncture is a chemical-free way of gaining relief from pain and it can be used over a long period of time with few side effects or any tolerance developing.

Acupuncture uses very small needles to stimulate specific sensors which generate signals to auto-nerve systems to adjust/reset their pulse  frequency that determines the tension of muscles, including skeleton  muscles and smooth muscles.  High tension of the skeleton muscles is the major cause of body pain or tightness, including headache, neck, back, shoulder, arm and leg pains, which are sometimes interpreted as joint pains by brain. High tension of smooth muscles is the major cause of eye, stomach and intestinal pains, even period pain, breast pain or asthma etc. Once the high tension of muscles has been relieved by needles, the pain will be immediately relieved. This condition will be well maintained after several sessions of acupuncture, therefore the effects can last for weeks, months and even years, much better than any available treatments in the world.

Why acupuncture is good in relieving anxiety?

Anxiety is caused by intensive stress stimulations which upset the auto-nerve system by generating a “turbulence”. The acupuncture is good in settling down the “turbulence” by adjusting auto-nerve and help to eliminate the anxiety.

Why acupuncture is helpful in IVF?

There are multiple effects on ladies to prepare IVF. Firstly,  using acupuncture to eliminate anxiety, most of them have more or less stress in this process, which affect the egg release and embryo implantation. Secondly, to improve egg development and the blood supply of womb. Thirdly, to balance the body. The combined effect is able to increase the successful rate of IVF.

What you expect in an acupuncture session?

Each session starts with a detailed consultation with our Acupuncturist. During the consultation they will ask questions about the nature of your problem. Then our Acupuncturist will use this information to build a personalised treatment session for you.

The treatment usually consists of a number of fine needles, between 2 to 10, being inserted into specific locations of your body for 15 to 30 minutes according to your presenting problem. Acupuncture is very good at resolving problems almost immediately but depending on the problem and your response, you may require further sessions to gain long term relief.

Does Acupuncture Cure all Pain?

Acupuncture is procedure that works very well for muscular pain. It can also help in other modalities of pain. It is important to note that acupuncture cannot help everyone and we cannot guarantee a specific outcome. At Fu Acupuncture we aim to personalize our acupuncture treatment to your specific problem(s), thereby increasing the rates of success. We also have a very experience acupuncturist who will guide you through the treatment.