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Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine are mainly processed with special techniques using plants as raw materials. It has been used for over 3000 years with great accumulated experience that enable magic effects for certain diseases or conditions. There are thousands types of herbal medicine but only the approved ones can be imported into UK. In addition, majority of the herbal medicine are of much less side effects compared to Western medicine we used every day in hospitals. 

What you expect for Herbal Medicine?

You will receive packed herbal medicine by post and can be used for 1-4 weeks depending individual conditions. You will make a cup of tea with a small pack and hot water like making a normal tea but without milk. The sugar is OK to add. Normally 2-3 times per day showing effects after a week. You also need to visit your doctor after 1-2 weeks to have an adjustment based on the progress.

Why you need herbal medicine?

For many diseases, we don’t have effective medicine yet or medicine with strong side effects, such as steroids. In TCM, it is know that certain diseases can be treated by specific herbal medicine, for example, certain skin disease, infertility, night sweating, excessive daytime sleepiness etc. but no effective western medicine.  Many western medicine are even from herbs, such as Aspirin and Artemisinin. The late becomes the most effective anti-malaria drug and won 2015 Nobel Price. In practice, herbal medicine can help in many situations with less side effects.