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Price guide




You will only have to pay for the treatment and not the consultation. 

£10 per 15 mins of acupuncture treatment.

Treatments sessions vary in length depending on the condition being treated and the type of treatment needed. A typical acupuncture session costs on average £30

Pain relief for muscular pain can be achieve via 3-6 separate treatment sessions over a period of weeks.

Discounts will be given depending on the length and number of treatments required.

IVF treatment requires multiple treatment sessions but the exact number depends on the individual. Therefore prices for IVF treatment are heavily discounted and one price will be quoted for the full course of treatment regardless of the number of treatment sessions required(normally £20 per session).


Herbal Medicine

The costs of herbal medicine depend on the type of medicine prescribedThe most common types are:

raw herbs and need to be cooked by user

or tablets

or granules

Payment Methods

We regret that at the current time we can only accept cash payments.


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