Traditional Chinese Medicine Covid-19 Remote Diagnosis and Management Plan

Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Management  (ATCM) plan for COVID-19 

Plan of remote diagnosis and treatment division

28/03/ 2020


1. TCM doctors of Remote Diagnosis and Treatment division in ATCM COVID-19 management Expert Team are Deng Xiaolan, Fang Cailong, Nie Hui, Xiangyang, Zou Jinpan, Zhou Jicheng ( list by Chinese spelling). The contact details of the above doctors are as follows:

  • Deng Xiaolan: WeChat landeng8. Mobile phone 07951374368.
  • Fang Cailong: Mobile phone 07794486046.
  • Nie Hui: WeChat Niehui21. Mobile phone: 07919410499
  • Xiangyang: Mobile phone 07751485844.
  • Zou Jinpan: WeChat natural8085. Mobile phone 07526755220.
  • Zhou Jicheng: WeChat jich62. Mobile phone 07877712197.

In addition, you can consult other doctors in the ATCM COVID-19 Prevention and management expert panel ( list by Chinese spelling) :

Cheng Mingzhao, Li Kexin, Li Wenqing, Sun Ying, Shen Huijun, Tang Tiejun, Wu Ping, Wang Ying, Wang Guoyi, Wu Jidong, Xing Mei, Zhao Jian, Zhao Liqin, Zhou Julei

The doctors listed above will actively and enthusiastically serve members when they have free time. We require any two of the above doctors to form a group to participate in consultation. This is a free service.


2. The principle of remote diagnosis and treatment: First follow the current guidelines forCOVID-19 in the UK. For details, please refer to the NHS website. Secondly, refer to the “Seventh Edition of Trial of COVID-19 Diagnosis and Treatment Program” issued by the General Office of the Chinese Health Commission.


3. Method of remote diagnosis and treatment: mainly online consultation such as WeChat, phone, email, etc, face-to-face contact is prohibited.

4. The object and purpose of remote diagnosis and treatment: It mainly serves ATCM members and their families. It assists the patients with diagnosis and guides the prescription of traditional Chinese medicine. The purpose is to help members to solve the suffering and accurately use medicine. Hope that the disease will recover quickly and survive the crisis.

5. Application range of remote diagnosis and treatment:

  • common cold.
  • Suspected novel coronary pneumonia.
  • For newly diagnosed new coronary pneumonia, it is recommended to go to NHS treatment. If the member patient strongly requests the participation of Chinese medicine, the TCM doctor of the diagnosis and treatment group can give the Chinese medicine prescription guidance with the consent of the patient and his family members, but does not bear any legal responsibility.

6. Scope of medication for remote diagnosis and treatment: Take the Lotus Qingwen Capsule, Jinhua Qinggan Granules, Qingfei Paidu Decoction, etc. as the guidelines in the Seven Programs of the Chinese Health and Health Commission, followed by addition and subtraction according to the specific conditions of the patient, and refer to the requirements of the consultant.